SEO Job Listings Reportedly Down 37% Year-Over-Year

23 May 2024
SEO Job Listings Reportedly Down 37% Year-Over-Year

SEO and PPC are often at odds. Yet the things they “bicker over” are actually areas for improved workflow and channel optimization.

In the first quarter of 2024, there were 37% fewer job ads for SEO roles than there were the previous year.

Specialty job board analysis Data from over 80,000 job listings submitted by 4,700 employers in 2023 and early 2024 was collated by

One important element influencing SEO recruiting, according to the research, is the growing usage of AI in search.

Mid-Level Roles Hardest Hit

Mid-level SEO jobs decreased by 6% from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024, while senior SEO positions increased by 3% year over year and entry-level roles increased by 1%.

Owner of Nick LeRoy explained this discrepancy by saying regular activities are handled by AI technology. This implies that businesses need professionals who can perform at a higher level.

Positively, LeRoy discovers that after declining late in the previous year, remote SEO prospects increased in Q1 2024.

Lack Of Salary Transparency

The necessity for salary transparency in the business was also brought up in the SEO job report.

Only 18% of job advertisements include information about compensation; but, as more states are requiring it by law, there may be more wage disclosure.

Economic Pressures

In addition to AI disruption, the state of the economy as a whole seems to have an impact on SEO employment.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the decline in listings corresponds with a deceleration in the growth of jobs in the labor market.

Professional and business services were among the major categories where “employment was little changed over the month,” according to a recent BLS report. This industry frequently includes SEO jobs.

6 Ways SEO Professionals Can Stay Competitive

The most prosperous SEO specialists will probably be those that can blend technical proficiency with analytical abilities, strategic thinking, and a lifelong dedication to learning and professional development as AI’s influence in search expands.

The following are some possible methods to set yourself apart in the current employment market:

1. Develop AI Expertise

Given that AI is a major factor in search, it will be essential to comprehend and make use of AI technology.

Experts who make use of AI technologies such as content creation, natural language processing, and semantic analysis will be at a competitive advantage.

2. Focus On Strategic SEO

Employers will probably give preference to employing SEOs with strategic skills since AI will automate a lot of technical and execution-based SEO work.

Experts in the fields of audience research, content strategy creation, conversion optimization, and competition analysis might be in more demand.

3. Build Analytics Prowess

The impact AI will have on user behavior and search rankings will make the capacity to glean insights from data much more significant.

You can differentiate yourself from other applicants by having experience with analytics tools, statistical analysis, data visualization, and sharing recommendations based on data.

4. Specialization

Even though some SEO specialists adopt a generalist approach, employers may find it more appealing for you to specialize in areas like local search, e-commerce, enterprise-level SEO, or a specific industry vertical.

5. Emphasize Soft Skills

Soft talents like communication, problem-solving, creativity, and adaptability may be given more weight in the employment process as technical responsibilities become increasingly automated.

Specialists in SEO who are able to communicate clearly and work well in teams can set themselves apart.

6. Build A Personal Brand

Raising your profile can be achieved by building a strong personal brand via blogging, public speaking, publishing credible material, and social media engagement. This enhanced exposure may result in new employment prospects.

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    Parting Thoughts

    The function of the SEO specialist is changing, not going away, despite the difficult short-term outlook.

    There are good job prospects for those who can modify their value offer and fit in with the new requirements.



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